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The corporate services, this web site and all our Internet based services (including links) are subject to the following Terms of Use and our Terms and Conditions.

Access and use of the Internet and this Web Site

Many websites contain significant barriers to access by not considering disabled users in the design phase. we are revsiing our site to follow a number of key guidelines to ensure that the website is accessible as possible. Features to be included:

  • Simple use of layout tables which still allow content to read when the tables are linearised or displayed in a simple browser
  • All data tables and forms contain additional markup that may help assistive technologies such as screen readers
  • The use of style sheets for layout rather than tables wherever possible.
  • Use of style sheets to separate content from display
  • All images should contain an alternative textual rendering
  • Appropriate use of HTML tags

We intend to continue improving our accessibility, so if you do have any queries or problems  please Contact Us


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